Updater / Documentation


Copy this Tools on your server HDD, launch it, configure it and enjoy.

Main functionality :
- Auto Update empyrion Server (Public/Expérimental/closedalpha/hwsprofile/steamtest)
- Auto restart server if crashed
- Auto restart E.O.S. if crashed 
- Manual procedure [Update server, Restart server]
- Auto start Empyrion server and EAH  with windows
- Mail on Error and action (Update, restarting server, etc ...)
- 100% compatible with EAH
- All Action are logged in Log file "C:\Windows\Logs\EmpyrionOnline"

Auto Update fonctionality :
- Check update every X minutes = Time before 2 check
- Time before shutdown = If update detected, this is the time before shutdown server
- Shutdown message = ingame message send before shutdown
- Script before update = Script executed before shutdown server
- Script before restart = Script executed before restart server (after SteamCMD update)

Auto Restart fonctionality :
- Check Server every X minutes = check if empyrion server running
- Time before restart = Time before restart server if down (prevent restarting server from programed reboot)

Startup Options :
- Start with Windows => Start Empyrion updater tools with Windows.
- Start EAH With Empyrion server => Start EAH after Empyrion server going up.
- Start Empyrion server with Empyrion Auto Updater = Start server when starting Empyrion Auto Updater.
- Update on start = Launch update of server when EmpUpdater start (Before starting server) .

Empyrion Online Satellite :
- Enable Empyrion Online Satelite => Install and Start E.O.S. Windows service (If not checked Empyrion Auto Update tool Uninstall E.O.S. automatically)
- API : Url of Satellite API
- E.O.S. Auto Update => Tell to Empyrion Auto update tools to check update of E.O.S. and update this if available
- Enable Password Jammer => Tell E.O.S. to never send Telnet password to API (check every data before sending to API)
- Forbiden command => Add and remove Telnet command you forbid to E.O.S. (E.O.S. can NEVER send forbiden command !)

Requirement :
- SteamCMD must be installed (already installed if u have an Empyrion server)

Config location :
- All config (Empyrion Auto Update Tools and E.O.S.) are stored in Windows registry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EmpUpdater"

Log location :
- All logs files (Empyrion Auto Update Tools and E.O.S.) are stored in "C:\Windows\Logs\EmpyrionOnline"


- Copy « EOupdater.exe » on new folder Ex « c:\EOupdater ».
- Launch Updater.exe from EXE,
- Configure it, save and close it.
- All Action are in log file on Updater.exe folder.

On Start, EmpUpdate wait for Empyrion server running. if not running and if "Enable start server with EmpUpdater" enable, EmpUpdate automatically start empyrion server for you, and update before start.
If an Update found, EmpUpdater initialise shutdown of your server (send message and shutdown server).
When empyrion server go down, EmpUpdate launch update of your server and start server for you.
All action are in log and mail send to you (if mail option enable).