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Empyrion.Online is a free platform for Empyrion administrators to make it easy for them to manage their servers.

Below, the tools available to them:
- The UPDATER allows to update the Empyrion Server automatically, with possible email alerts.
- The SATELLITE makes it possible to trace the raw information related to the server via an API, on a personnal server or directly on Empyrion.Online
- The GATEWAY allows you to receive the information transmitted by the SATELLITE and then display it on the Empyrion.Online website or retrieve it via an API. The data is sorted and ordered.

Features offered by Empyrion.Online:
- Lists all players
- Lists all Servers
- Lists all Factions
- Allows dynamic generation of customizable banners
- Allows players to vote and send comments on servers
- Allows Players to view detailed server information (Statistics, Configuration, Administrators, Map ...)

Administrators, by simply enabling the 'Enable EOS' on SATELLITE option, will be assigned a Token, allowing them to manage their server options on Empyrion.Online.
They will be able, if they wish, to disable certain elements which they do not wish to see posted on the site. They can also receive certain alerts on defined thresholds.

This page is currently being written and will be updated in the next few days.